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Q. When software Open Getting Error "5 INVALID PROCEDURE CALL OR ARGUMENT" what can I do?
A. Please Check Database Path in TaxPro Configuration Manager.
Q. When I click on preview of statement of income it shows error "380 Invalid Property Value".
A. Please check in F9 Setting "Statement of Income" Font Name, and Font size.
Q. How can I check Refund Status of Assessee?
A. In Software Main Screen or Assessee Index, press F10 in right Side.
Q. While opens the software it shows error "Program version and database version does not match...."
  • Please Check Software Version or RunUpdated Patch i.e. double click on C:\TaxPro\TaxPro IT\TPIT14.1.0.
  • If you're Using Server Client to check all machines running is same version.
Q. When I Click on Computation getting error "13 Type Mismatch"?
A. Please Checkin Business Head "Natureof Income" you have selected or not.
Q. In Preview Getting Error "429ActiveX controlCannot Create Object"?
A. download CR Setup From Our Website i.e. ⇨ Downloads ⇨ Product Update ⇨ download CR Setup and Run that Setup.
Q. How to save records of Assessee created from other software?
A. Importing data of other software completely is not possible; you can import the Master Index from any software. We just need the 1 XML files created from other software Assessee wise. We can import the Master data from multiple XML files in a single click by the utility given in the software main index.
Q. Why we use fill from computation button? Is it compulsory/necessary to use that button?
A. Whenever we open any ITR Form for the first time after filling the Computation, the data in the ITR Form is loaded from the computation itself. Once we save the ITR Form, next time the data will be loaded from the saved data only. If we make any changes in the computation next time and want to see the changes in the ITR Form, In that case we need to click on Fill from computation button. By clicking on fill from computation button, it will import all data from computation into ITR Form. If you fill detail manually, it is not necessary to use this button otherwise use this button.
Q. I have installed my software as standalone but still I am unable to see my data. What to should I do?
A. Please check database path in TaxPro Configuration Manager.
Q. How can we use Copy Data button?
A. It is used to Copy Income Head wise data from previous year provided data enter in s/w for the Previous Year.
Q. While doing Income Tax e-filling it gives error "Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable"
A. Please note that IT department's website ( is supported on Internet Explorer 8 (IE is used as default browser in TaxPro IT software) and Service Pack 3 in case of Windows XP.So, you please update your Internet Explorer and Windows XP version. Also, ensure that IT department's website should open in IE directly without using software.After checking above things you may use the software TaxPro IT for e-filling.
Q. In case of AOP/BOI software calculating Tax at Maximum marginal rate while it is not Applicable for me required Tax Rate as per Individual ?
A. Open the Tax Details Page (Ctrl + F12) and click on Button AOP/BOI Configuration and tick the option applicable in your case.
Q. I have large number of entries for Capital Asset how can I enter in s/w?
A. You can use the Excel Template given for Capital Gain.
Q. MAT is not applicable in my assesse having Status AOP Trust but s/w showing MAT ?
A. There might be Companies Registered under Trust due to this s/w showing by default as MAT. If it is not applicable in your case then click on MAT button and remove the Net Profit.
TDS Return Filing Software
Q. What should I do if the status of my Challan is 'Unmatched'?
A. You can check/ Verify the Challan details by Challan Status Enquiry link given in the software F2 NSDL Quick links from our software and go to Challan status enquiry - CIN Based Challan - give BSR Code, Date, Challan No. and Amount OR TAN Based - Select the Challan and give the amount to confirm the amount matched or not.
Q. What Should I do if FVU file not generate?
  • Option 1. Go to Option Menu and click on – Do not use JAR file for FVU Generation.
  • Option 2. Check Deductee/ Employee Name if it contains any special characters (if copied, passed from other files). Click on Remove Special Character button give on TDS Sheet and then generate the file again.
Q. What is the procedure of calculating interest on Late Deduction?
  • Enter the Challan Details and corresponding Deductee Details against the Challan.
  • Click on Calculate Interest for Challans button.
Q. How can I change Deductor and person responsible details in revised return?
A. Open the require Form 24Q/ 26Q and select Return Type as Revised – Select Yes for – Is there any change in Deductee Details/ Person Responsible Details in new form Or select Other Details – Update Deductor Info in Old Forms and change the details as required.
Q. How can I delete Deductee record in revised return?
A. Feature to delete the Deductee record has been discontinued. In case the user wishes to nullify a Deductee record/ transaction, he is required to update the all the amount fields to "0" (zero), delete the Date of Deduction and add new record with updated values.
Q. How Can I verify all Deductees PAN in Software?
A. User can maintain a Deductee/Employee Master in software. Click on the main screen of Software and Maintain Form Wise Master Details for Deductees/Employees. Here you can login to you Traces Account and then click on Bulk Update button for Verification of PAN in Bulk.
Q. While login on TRACES it shows error "Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. "The page might be temporarily unavailable" Or "Script Error" message.
A. Traces website is not compatible on IE10. So please check your IE version. Update your Internet Explorer and also ensure that TRACES. website should open in Internet Explorer directly without using software if it is opening then open website by using software.
Q. After generating FVU file it shows Error "91 Object variable or with block variable not set."?
A. Copy ieframe.oca file from TaxPro Form program Folder and paste in given path C:\Windows\System32
Q. Can I Update Matched Challan in Revised Return?
A. No. You can only update Section Code and Interest and Others amount (Corresponding to the Regular Statement) given at last in Challan Details table.
Q. How to download Consolidate file and how to import and how to do changes in revised Form 26Q and 24Q Like Changes in Pan, Amount?
  • In TaxPro Software Click on F1 Link send request for Consolidate File and then click on Consolidate (Provided Link). Download and Save the file.
  • If Pan Counter is 2, then you have to select Update mode and delete the record.
  • Update Amount to '0' Zero from all Amount columns and delete date of deduction. Then select add in update mode and make a new fresh entry in last blank row.
Q. How to Prepare Nil Challan return?
A. From FVU 4.0 & 2.136 onwards it is mandatory to give Deductee details even for nil Challan. Deductor has to provide a Deductee details for Nil Challan and then prepare the Nil Return by clicking on e-TDS button.
Q. How to restore Data?
  • Rename the Current Data folder to any other name like Data old or Data1.
  • Copy latest date folder from Auto Backup Folder - MDB Folder and Paste it to the TaxPro Folder and rename it to Data.
  • Also copy all folders from Auto Backup Folder – Folders to the Data folder in TaxPro Folder.
(The Default path for TaxPro Data folder is C:\TaxPro\Data. To know your data folder path press F12 on the main screen of the software)
Q. Auto Backup is not asking while exiting the software?
A. Go to the Option in Menu bar and Tick on Always Ask for Auto Backup at the time of exit.
Q. Can we pay in same Challan for the amount like Short deduction, Interest, Late fees?
A. Amount of Short Deduction + Interest can be paid in a single Challan but Late Fees should be paid in a separate Challan.
Q. Is section code compulsory for the payment of any Challan?
A. While making e-Payment for Challan it does asks you to select the section code, but from current year onwards while preparing the return it is not required to give the section code in Challan details. Hence Challan paid in any single section can be used for multiple sections while entering the details in TDS Details.
Q. What do you mean by Minor Head of Challan?
A. Minor Head of Challan means under the head under which the Challan is paid. It has two options.
  • 200 – TDS Payable by Tax Payer - When any Challan is paid in regular basis.
  • 400 – TDS Regular assessment (Raised by IT Department). – When any Challan is paid against any defaults raised by the Departments.
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