TCS File Signer Plus

About TCS File Signer® Plus
National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Participant has to send digitally signed files to NPCI ACH application. NPCI has to in turn verify the digital signature of the files before processing on ACH. Similarly files sent by NPCI ACH to the Participant, are digitally signed by NPCI. The Participant has to verify the NPCI’s digital signature before using those files. The format of the Digital Signatures on the files is as specified by NPCI.

File Signer® Plus is a desktop tool designed to attach digital signatures to files in any format (.txt / MS word / excel etc). The digital signature can be as per the standard specified by NPCI. The output signed file will contain the data and Digital Signature along with the Public Key Certificate of the Signer. The tool also performs verification of a digitally signed file received from NPCI. After verification, the tool allows extraction of the original data and saves it in the required location.

The tool also supports Digital Certificates stored in USB based Cryptographic tokens.

Salient Features:
The following are some of the salient features of FileSigner Plus.
  • Sign: The tools can be used to sign all kinds of files in both ASCII and Binary format (including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, Image files, etc).
  • Batch Signing: The tool's batch signing capability allows more than one file to be signed at a time and hence increases the efficiency and saves time. This feature is particularly useful where several files require an authorized signature.
  • Verification and validation check: Validation of data and verification of Digital Certificate includes:
    1. Data Integrity
    2. Validity of the Signer Certificate
    3. Verification of Certificate Trust Chain
    4. Certificate Revocation checking
    5. Extraction of data from the document
  • Support for Smart Card/Hardware Token: The tool also provides support for storing the user credentials such as Private Key and Digital Certificate on the smart card/ hardware token, which provides more security and portability.
  • Configuration Manager: FileSigner® Plus supports configuration of various parameters such as:
    1. Location of File(s) to be processed
    2. Location to save processed file(s)
    3. Hash algorithm (SHA-2)
    4. Certificate Revocation Check (CRL options)

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